Hale Practice Guidelines

Arrive 15 minutes earlier, not on time. Give yourself some breathing room to settle in and prepare for the start of class.

Silence will be appreciated within the practice room. Conversations may take place outside as the practice room is a place for students to meditate, self-practice and relax.

Our studio is your sanctuary as much as it is ours. Keep the studio as clean as your own home. Don’t forget to wipe down your mats after practice to keep it clean for the next practitioner.

Please do not bring your mobile phone into the practice room. Yoga is the union of your mind and body. Keep your phones in the lockers before class commences to enjoy the class to the fullest.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for my first yoga class?

For ladies, it will be advisable to dress in a pair of leggings and a tank top. For those who are taking Aerial classes, please do wear a sleeved top to minimise abrasions. Tie your hair into a ponytail or bun it up to keep hair away from your face.

For gentlemen, do wear a tank top or a fitted t-shirt and knee length activewear. Fitted clothing will be better for teachers to notice and adjust your alignment as compared to wearing loose clothing.

Does the studio come with shower facilities?

Yes, we do have shower facilities. We offer 1 free towel which you can use to dry yourself up after showering. If you should need an additional towel, it will cost you SGD$1. Shampoo and shower gel are provided in all shower cubicles.

Is it advisable to have a meal before class?

Yes! Light snack at least 1 hour before class starts, especially if you have low blood pressure or sugar and it is advisable to have heavy meal at least 2.5 hours in advance. Please do not come to class with a hungry stomach as it will affect your energy during class.

I am new to yoga, what classes do you suggest I should take?

We do have a few classes that suit beginners best. The classes are Gentle Flow yoga, Aerial Yoga and Hatha Yoga. If you want to try out other classes, you may as all of our classes cater to all levels. There will be variations for both beginners and regulars as we understand that everyone practises at their own pace. We recommend at least 2 classes a week for a consistent practice.

How many classes should I take per week?

2 to 4 classes a week will be good for consistent practice.

Can I pay by instalment?

We do offer instalment plans. Please ask our staff for more details.

Will Aerial Yoga be too advance for a beginner?

Our Aerial classes cater to all levels. Do give it a try and judge for yourself.

I am 1 month pregnant. Will pre-natal yoga be suitable for me at this stage?

Please do consult your doctor if it is ok for you to take up pre-natal yoga. It is advisable to get clearance from your doctor prior to engaging physical activities.