Colin was an avid dancer and gymer during his school days. Despite dancing for over 10 years, his flexibility was not great as he did not place much emphasis on stretching.


It was only after he started to try other classes such as calisthenics and bodycombat that he realized the importance of full body mobility. He then decided to pick up yoga to improve his flexibility. Fascinated by how yoga has helped him to be more mindful and emotionally grounded, he started to take classes more regularly. Having practiced yoga for some time, Colin decided to try Aerial Yoga as it was offered at the commercial gym that he frequents. It was then that he fell in love with the sport as it offered a good balance of strength and flexibility. It has also greatly assisted his flexibility training as the hammock helps one to achieve a deeper supported stretch.


Colin believes that everyone’s fitness journey is different and is enthusiastic to learn from everyone. He hopes to share his love for aerial yoga and allow others to reap the benefits of it. Apart from practicing aerial yoga, Colin also practices Aerial Arts (Hammock & Hoop). Despite being a reserved person, he enjoys performing as it is an avenue for creative self-expression.

Qualifications & Certifications

> 100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Trapeze And Silk)