Hale Yoga reserves the right to revise our studio policies and T&Cs.

Hale Practice Guidelines

Arrive 10 minutes earlier, not on time. Silence is appreciated within the practice room as it is a place for meditation, self-practice and to relax. Our studio is your sanctuary as much as it is ours. Please keep the studio clean and be respectful to our staff and instructors. Please make sure your mobile phone is on Silent Mode in the practice room, be considerate to others. Yoga is the union of your mind and body.



Frequently Asked Questions

+ What should I wear for class?

For floor yoga classes, you are recommended to wear fitted clothing (both top and bottom*). This will better allow instructors to notice and adjust your alignments as compared to wearing loose clothing.


For aerial yoga classes, ladies highly encouraged to wear sports leggings* and a fitted top (sports bra, tank top or fitted sleeved T-shirt). Gentlemen are encouraged to wear fitted bottom (sports leggings* with shorts over or joggers). Leggings* minimise any potential fabric abrasions.


If you have long hair, do tie your hair to keep it away from your face.


*You may want to test your sports leggings with a couple of squats in front of a mirror to check that it is not see through or easily ripped.

+ Should I eat before class?

Yes! Light snack at least 1 hour before class starts, especially if you have low blood pressure or sugar. It is advisable to have heavy meal at least 2.5 hours in advance. Please do not come to class empty stomach, it is bad for your health.

+ I am new to yoga, what class should I take?

For aerial yoga Beginners, we will recommend:

> Aerial Stretch (Very Easy)

> Aerial Silk Stretch (Easy)

> Aerial Vinyasa (Slightly challenging for newbies but still can try)


Aerial Silk Hatha (Try after 3-6 months into your aerial yoga journey will be recommended)


Kindly refer to CLASS TYPES for more detailed class description.

+ Will Aerial be too advance for beginner?

We do offer beginner friendly group classes. In these classes, many of the participants are new to aerial yoga and some of them are not physically active for the past few years but are in these classes too, so not to worry.


For aerial yoga beginners we will recommend:

> Aerial Stretch

> Aerial Silk Stretch

+ Can I join group classes if I am pregnant?

Our group classes are not prenatal friendly. Hale does not accept pregnant ladies in our group classes for the safety of future mummy. We would rather not risk it for the individual in a group setup as every pregnancy is unique. Please contact the studio for private classes.

Studio Policy

+ Bookings

1. Class Booking

Online bookings are released 8 days in advance prior to class commence day. We highly recommend students to do online class booking as early as possible once the booking window is released. Avoid walk-in without prior paid bookings. Kindly book your slot online prior to class. We accept paid booking only. Unpaid walk-in will be asked to make $50 single class booking (via PayNow) at studio provided if there are available slots.


Students may opt for Advance Booking through WhatsApp +65 8909 3580 manually for class that has yet to released booking via online. Do note that NO cancellation or amendment will be allowed for all manual Bookings.


2. First Timer

First-timer to make payment online upon their first booking to secure their slot and arrive 10-15 mins in advance before the first class to complete registration. All payment has to be made in order to secure a booking. 


3. Auto-Email

There will be auto-email notification sent in advance if you have opted-in our email list prior to package expiration. However, our automatic emails and WhatsApp only served as a goodwill intention for notice. All automated emails and WhatsApp reminder, whether a student receives them or not, is not grounds for foul play for online booking. There will not be any return of class credit(s) when one does not receive an automated email or any WhatsApp reminder.


If you have opted-in to receive our automated email notification, an email will be delivered to your mailbox upon booking (it may be in the spam or junk folder). If you had booked a class at least 4 days prior to class start time, you will receive an automated email reminder. However, you may not receive an email reminder if you booked close to the class start date. You can choose to set your own preference on the class booking email reminder. You will need to double-check your own booking online schedule via our website or the Mindbody app to prevent any possible confusion regarding your class bookings.


4. Public holiday (PH), PH’s Eve and Long Weekend

Public Holidays are taken into account in all packages, challenges, and membership validity periods. There might be slight changes to our schedules during PH, PH’s Eve and Long Weekend.

+ Class Cancellation

1. Cancellation by Students

Class cancellation has to be made online at least 12 hours before class commences to avoid class credit being forfeited. All email and WhatsApp requests for class cancellation will not be accepted. Students are strongly recommended to cancel class booking 12 hours in advance or the day before online through our website or Vibefam App.


Failure to do so will be considered as class taken with the exception of Medical Certification, doctor’s letter, or police report being provided. All sicknesses including menstrual cramps and migraine without official documentation will not be accepted as a valid reason for last-minute class cancellation. No Show, late and had been denied entry will be considered as class taken and class credit will be deducted accordingly.


2. Cancellation by Studio

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hale reserves the rights to cancel and change the class types. Hale also reserves the rights to change the assigned instructor for a particular class at any time. In the event of classes cancelled by Hale, class credits will be returned to your package with an extension of your package validity of 7 days.

+ Late Entry

1. Late Entry and Rejection to Class

Students may be rejected into the class if late, and class credit will be forfeited. Do note that permission to enter will be at the instructor’s discretion even if 1 minute late the moment class starts. Studio reserved the right to reject students’ late entry. In the situation of a fully booked class, your booked slot will be given to walk-in students if you are late. Please arrive at least 10 mins prior to the class start time.


2. Door Locked at Instructors’ Discretion
Late entry is strictly at instructors’ discretion. You might be rejected the moment class starts. Instructor will provide you with the best possible care and to reject you from class when they deemed it’s unsafe for you to participate. To prevent any possible misunderstanding with each individual instructors’ late buffer, please show up prior to class start time. Practice room will be locked once late entry is no longer accepted. You will be turn away without any interaction with the instructor. The instructor would not be able to stop class to explain to you why you are rejected as it will be distracting for the ongoing class.


Door lock = Cannot do class.
Solution = Come prior to class start time.

+ Waitlist

1. Waitlist Booking

When you made a class booking under Waitlist, it means that your booking are on a queue to enroll the class. Your booking will be confirmed when there is cancellation from student who has successfully booked for the class. Your confirmation will depend on the queue with first come first serve basis.


2. Waitlist Cancellation

Our class booking cancellation period is 12 hours. Please cancel your class booking 12 hours prior to class time if you are no longer able to attend the class, regardless if you are on a Waitlist. Otherwise you may risk getting your class credit forfeited if you missed the confirmation email or forget about the booking.


3. Waitlist Enrolment Confirmation

Our booking system will enroll students on Waitlist into the class automatically whenever there is cancellation 12 hours before class time. You should receive an email confirmation of your enrolment into the class officially. Meanwhile you are also able to see that you are no longer on “Waitlist” after you have logged into your account below your name under your personal schedule. Our front desk may or may not WhatsApp you on your Waitlist confirmation. We strongly suggest students to keep track on your own booking, especially Waitlist. Please make sure you have subscribed to our system email listing so you can keep track of your Waitlist enrolment conveniently.


4. Waitlist Unsuccessful Enrolment

Our booking system will lock the Waitlist exactly at 12 hours before the class time, which means from that point onwards the system will no longer enrol students on Waitlist into the class automatically. Only successful enrolment will receive confirmation by email. Rest assured that your class credit will not be deducted if you are still under Waitlist within the 12 hours cancellation period prior to class start.


5. Waitlist Last Minute Enrolment

In the event when there is last minute Late Cancel from the students who have booked the class successfully, and you are still under the Waitlist, our front desk may try to text you at least 2 hours before class start to check if you are interested to come for the class, without obligation. Rest assured no class credit will be deducted if you reject our offer at this point.


It is highly recommended to book for class as early as you can to secure a mat. Note that our booking window is released 6 days prior to class.

+ Payment

All payments are non-refundable.


1. Instalment Plan

Hale offers instalment plans for more than $1000 with no transaction fees. There will be $15 transaction fee for amount less than $1000.


2. Receipt

Digital receipt for class pack purchase will be sent to your registered email. Physical receipts will be given upon request only.

+ Consent Form

All first-timer must sign consent form at our studio upon first visit.


Our minimum participation age is 12 year old. Under government regulation, if you are age between 12 to 17 year old you will need parents or guardian to sign consent form. You can download the indemnity form HERE and submit to us before your first class.

+ Facilities

1. Footwear

Place your footwear on the shoe rack upon arrival. Do not lay them on the floor, it might go missing. Students might wear the wrong shoe home. If you own a widely common shoe like Havanas slippers, you are encouraged to place it at a spot on the shoe rack that is away from the other same looking shoe. Hale will not be responsible for any damage or loss of slippers.


2. Changing Room

Changing rooms are available. Do change inside the changing rooms as there are CCTV at work around common areas in all of our branches.


3. Shower

Shower facility is available at Somerset Branch only. Note: If you are attending the final class of the day, the studio will be closed 30 mins after the class ends for cleaning/inspection.


4. Belongings

Please keep your belongings in the lockers that come with keys. Hale will not be responsible for any lost items.

No bags (of any size) are allowed in the practice room. If you bring an oversized bag/item, you will need to place your valuables in the locker and then place your oversized bag above the lockers. Our front desk or instructors are not responsible to take care of your personal belongings.

Only water bottle, sweat towel, locker keys and phone on silent mode is allowed into class. No usage of the phone once class commence.

Hale will not be responsible for any damage or loss of personal belongings. For example, Hale will not be responsible if someone has accidentally stepped on your glasses when you lay them on the floor or if someone takes your items with or without purpose. You are encouraged to be attentive to your own belongings that you bring into the practice room.

+ Etiquette

1. Photo/Video Taking

No photo or video taking allowed in class unless permission is given by the instructor. Please be considerate for others’ privacy if you intend to post the photo or video on social media. Feel free to check out our studio rental rates for your professional photoshoot session if you are interested.


2. Attire

Proper attire is needed in class, i.e., see-through outfits are not allowed) Students might be rejected into class for inappropriate attire.


For non-aerial classes, please wear clothing that allows freedom of movement. Fitted clothes are preferred over loose clothing. It allows the instructor to spot your alignments.

For aerial classes, sleeved top and leggings are highly recommended. You would like to be as tightly covered as you can. Clothes can prevent and reduce your skin from fabric burns and bruises.


No jewellery allowed in Aerial classes. You will be asked to keep your jewellery in the lockers if you are spotted with one. Jewellery may cut the fabric and could become a potential safety hazard.


Please be aware and keep yourself free of body odour as much as possible.


3. Be Considerate

Students will be made to exit class for rowdy, inconsiderate or unpleasant behaviour towards staff and students. Hale reserved the right to turn away students who flouted the studio’s policy and class credit will be forfeited.


4. No Food and Drinks Allowed

No consumption of food in studio premises. Only plain water is allowed. Food and beverages may give off scents that may not be pleasing to others. Let us keep our space conducive for everyone.

Terms & Conditions

+ Package

1. Non-sharing

All purchases are non-refundable and non-sharing. Package is strictly non-sharing. Sharing of package once detected, all package credits will be forfeited without any refund.


2. Activation Date

The package will only be activated starting from your first class. However, unactivated packages will be activated automatically 24 months upon the date of purchase. (Example: You bought the package in Jan 2019, you will need to start the package by Jan 2021, otherwise it will auto-start.)


3. Transfer

Packages can be transferred to another person at an administration charge of $50.


4. Validity

Every package comes with validity. Packages have to be completed within their validity period and are non-extendable. It is your responsibility to keep track of the package validity. Package validity can only be extended if you have a doctor’s certification to prove that you are physically unfit, otherwise, validity will NOT be able to extend for work, travel, or personal matters. In the event of being unable to complete the package, you are able to bring over your remaining class credits into the validity of your new package, provided that you have purchased a new package before the current package expires.


5. Extension

All packages will not be able to be put on hold (ie. extension of validity). The only exception is only when doctor’s letter, medical certificate or relevant official documentation. You need to attach your medical certificate, doctor’s letter or any relevant documents. Upon submission, we are only able to extend your package validity based on the relevant official document letters that were presented and submitted. Upon submission, if there’s no indication of rest period in the letter, we are only able to extend your package validity up to a maximum of 1 month.

+ Starter Pack

Only for First-Timer

Valid for first-time purchase only, the first transaction at Hale. Tip: Students who are interested in other packages are encouraged to buy both the starter pack and the package they are keen on their first purchase.


Like all packages, Starter Pack is non-sharing, non-refundable, non-extendable and can be transferred to another person at an administration charge of $50.


If one fault the system by using multiple emails to register new accounts to purchase Starter Pack repeatedly, once detected, all repeated purchase will be voided with no refund.

+ Promotion

1. Price Consistency

Sometimes we will have packages on sale. They are always the same, just different names. Our prices won’t become cheaper and cheaper. So fret not! What is more depressing than to know that you have bought a sale package yesterday only to find out it is cheaper today. It’s either we are on sale or not and we stick to that.


2. Sale Frequency

Sale frequency occurs approximately once every 2-3 months. Tip: If you are not financially tight and you are a consistent practitioner (doing 2-4 classes a week), you are encouraged to have one back up promotional package in your account.

+ Studio Booking & Private

1. Payment

All private classes are fully paid via PayNow prior to booking. No refunds will be granted after the class has been scheduled.


2. Reschedule

Kindly note that to reschedule for private booking, has to be made minimum 7 days prior, at the cost of $35 administrative fees. Any changes (subject to studio availability) made after, will incur a $85 penalty fees. Late cancellation or changes made less than 72 hours will result in full forfeit of the paid private class. If you have emergency with official documents, you are allowed to replace your private class to one class credit. This class credit is applicable to all group classes on our schedule.


3. Late Arrival

Please be punctual. Late arrival will result in class time deduction and considered utilised. If you are late for more than 20 minutes, Hale Yoga reserve the right to cancel the session without any reimbursement.


4. Instructor

In the event of an unforeseen circumstances, Hale reserved the right to change the instructor.

+ Merchandise

Any products bought at Hale are non-refundable. Please check the state of the item before leaving the studio.

Have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to WhatsApp us for more details.