Geraldine is an all-rounded, experienced and motivated Yoga Teacher that enjoys sharing on how yoga could change one’s outlook on life and inspiring others toward a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Geraldine found herself first time on the yoga mat 20 years back at a Singapore Hindu Temple that holds yoga classes every weekend. 20 years back, Yoga to her was just simple stretching, and she dozed off in Shavasana. Being in consistent yoga practice for years, beyond physical aspects, Yoga offers her much more from within.


Geraldine has taught more than 8000 classes of different yoga genres including Aerial, Wheel, Vinyasa, Functional Yin, Bikram, Ashtanga, Pre and post natal yoga. Geraldine is gentle, calm with a caring spirit. She is dedicated to bring the practices of yoga and wellness to as many individuals as possible.

Geraldine is well-trained in functional anatomy. She believes in the complexity of the human body, for what our body can do, it’s fascinating, and for what it can’t, with knowledge and acceptance, it will bring out a better version of ourselves. She believes in understanding the functionality of human anatomy will equip students to safely practice Yoga.


Out of yoga, Geraldine used to be an ex-international martial artist who was sponsored to compete in international tournaments. She’s a certified black belt Taekwondo martial artist by the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea – Kukkiwon. She taught martial arts to adults and kids before teaching yoga. Geraldine also practices and performs aerial arts and dance for 11 years before finding her new found love in aerial hammock/Yoga. Physical education aside, Geraldine loves Mathematics and Chemistry. She also used to teach up to Tertiary Mathematics and managed corporate’s finance. Off yoga, she will be working with numbers and Trigonometry.

Qualifications & Certifications

> RYS 200-Hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training in Singapore

> RYS 300-Hour Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore

> 85-Hour Prenatal Teacher Training in Sydney

> 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

> 50-Hour Ashtanga Yoga CET Teacher Training Module in Singapore

> 65-Hour Yin Yang Flow and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Singapore

> 65-Hour Chinese Medicine and Meridian Yin Teacher Training in Singapore

> 65-Hour Myofascial Release and MyoYin Teacher Training in Singapore

> 95-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore

> 60-Hour QiQong and Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore

> 60-Hour Acupressure, AcuYin Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore

> Registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)