Our instructors are trained professionally and from wide range of age and background. It is never too late to start.


Adeline has been an aerial arts junkie since 2013. She got intrigued by the pretty lines and shapes of human body could achieve by defying gravity.


Ai Ting likes to constantly explore new activities in hope of finding deeper self-discovery. She started Yoga out of curiosity.


Ashley prefer outdoor sports since young. Never thought of yoga can be so much impact on her until she attends a corporate hatha yoga class back in the year 2013.


Aurelia is a world traveller, flying over continents and great oceans, she understands effective communication is based upon sincerity and respect.


Starting off not as a naturally athletic, flexible, nor strong aerial practitioner, Berlina understands the struggles and progressions needed to improve grace, flexibility, and strength for aerial practices.


Boon fell in love with yoga from the moment she first stepped onto the mat in 2016 and became addicted. Yoga helps to improve her physical and mental wellbeing.


Colin believes that everyone’s fitness journey is different and is enthusiastic to learn from everyone. He hopes to share his love for aerial yoga and allow others to reap the benefits of it.


Cynthia started her yoga journey in 2009 after a routine health screening where her doctor advised her to change her sedentary lifestyle.


Since 17, Eliza has trained in a myriad of dance styles (including modern dance, street jazz, hip-hop, and pole), and performed at public concerts and events.


Geraldine is an all-rounded, experienced and motivated Yoga Teacher that enjoys sharing on how yoga could change one’s outlook on life and inspiring others toward a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.


Before starting her aerial journey, Gin practice yoga for better posture and body awareness, improve flexibility and tone and strengthen her body.


Yoga became the epic 360degree transformation when a foray into Yoga began during an accidental and impromptu social occasion in Rishikesh, India.


Hooi started her aerial journey at age 47. Not a fan of sweating it out in the gym and yoga seems too zen for her, she wanted a fitness programme that is fun and challenging, yet allows her to look pretty and poise.

Hui Tene

Hui Tene understands that aerial yoga may appear intimidating at first, but as your instructor, she encourages you to gather the courage, be confident in your abilities, and give it a try.


Starting out late and not naturally fit, Jamie understands the feeling of self-doubts and the frustrations of being limited by a weak core in aerial practices.

Jing You

To Jing You, aerial yoga is a constant challenge for her to improve herself both physically and mentally. She enjoys the thrill of being up in the air, and the feeling of accomplishment after every session.


Joise wishes to inspire her students to try things out of their comfort zone and strive for their goals. She hopes to create a safe space for others to learn and grow.


For many years now, Jojo has always made time to practice and maintain yoga/stretch poses while using a laptop or reading a book!


The comfort Joyce gets from being active continues to be beneficial to other aspects of her life. She emphasises a lot on breathing and relaxing during her practice.


Change is the only constant, Jovis never stopped learning and pursuing her personal journey with aerial. Achievement is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.


Liz believes in celebrating the small wins, and it gives her great satisfaction to see students’ face light up when they overcome self-doubt or nail a seemingly impossible sequence.


Years of experience in swimming and floor yoga has built Luk’s flexibility and strength. However, it never stopped her head from spinning nor her heart from racing when hanging upside down on fabric.

Mei Ling

Mei Ling believes that it is crucial to find the right workout that not only provide you with the adequate support but also challenge you to be a better version of yourself.


Michelle first expose to yoga 18 years back when the gym she frequent stared offering yoga classes. Yoga was just another form of exercise then.


From the moment Nicole experienced the sensation of being suspended in the air, she was immediately captivated by a sense of freedom and weightlessness that aerial yoga offered.


Niko’s motto: It’s not about the age, it’s all about the mindset! Have a positive mindset! She believes that having a positive mindset is key to achieving your goals.


As a child, she was never active and she could barely touch her toes. That first class marked the beginning of Sabrina’s love and passion for aerial yoga and changed her perspective on being active.


A fitness enthusiast, Shuhui has tried various fitness forms over the years. With a keen interest in heart-pumping aerobic exercises in her younger days, she grew up swimming and played touch rugby while in Junior College.


Being an active child since young, no one would have known that Susan was a patient with congenital heart defect since birth and underwent a successful surgery at the age of 5.


Tricia was into performing arts in school, from hip hop, and modern dance to salsa in her younger days. Tricia used to teach salsa classes under SFDF in Actfa, helping students with two left feet get the basic steps.


Coming from a dance background, Xuefang has an added advantage in body awareness, and was able to better emphasize proper alignment and injury prevention in her aerial training and classes.


When Yan finally took the courage to try aerial for the first time, she became obsessed with it that it came to a point where it was just never enough!

Zhi Xian

In his University days, Zhi Xian stumbled upon his first yoga follow-along video online, trying yoga for the first time. The experience led him to discover an unexpectedly therapeutic sense of calm and peace.

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