Sometimes in life, the most unassuming events become the ones which make the greatest impact. Never one who liked working out, Jane felt her physical performance slowly deteriorating through work. She realised she needed to make time for herself, beyond the pursuit of numbers and financial gain. After a chance encounter with Yoga, Jane started attending leisure yoga classes once a week and before she knew it, yoga had become an integral part of her life. Jane’s decision to enroll in the teacher training course was her next life-changing milestone. Jane’s pleasant personality and passion for yoga made her friends and connections with extraordinary like-minded yoga enthusiasts from countless backgrounds.

As a teacher today, Jane continues to be a student of Yoga – always learning and growing as a person and a practitioner of Yoga. Yoga has changed her life in ways she never imagined possible, experiencing both physical and mental changes in her body, she has gained tremendously from Yoga. Jane hopes to use her experiences to inspire, empower and urge women, especially those working in big corporations who burn long hours of their time at work, to take some time out for themselves just as she did. Jane hopes that Yoga can bring change to her students’ lives, the same way it did for her. Jane’s favourite classes are Yin and Core and she firmly believes that ‘showing up is always the hardest’ –  the only thing stopping us from making a change in our lives is our fear of taking the first step. Her pursuit of yoga often leads to amazing new adventures and destinations, friends and experiences. She fondly remembers the uncertainty she felt towards her first class in a foreign language, which eventually turned out immaculately, showing that yoga truly has no boundaries. Jane hopes her students can experience the same benefits yoga has brought her.

  • Qualifications & Certifications
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 30 Hour Yoga Therapy CET Teacher Training

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