Kate has always been intrigued by any art form that embraces grace and athleticism and always tries to embody these principles in her life. As a baby, she stood on her grandmother’s palm at four months old and proceeded to climb out of her hanging crib, climb up window grills and swing on gates a few months after, much to her grandmother’s horror.

Growing up, she believes that all sports has its own style of grace and always sought to run, play basketball, netball, softball, kick box and rock climb with grace. As she dabbled further into the aerial arts, she understood that grace is only achievable with strength.

Kate used to fall sick every month until she tried yoga in the early-2000s. To her delight, monthly bouts of illness became quarterly.

Since then, she has added pole dancing and silks to her aerial arts vocabulary. She also frequently does pilates, core strength training and active flexibility training to better understand the human body and strengthen through her injuries.

She believes that it is ever more vital to remain active and build strength as we grow older and hopes to instil similar interests to others.

  • Qualifications & Certifications
  • 100 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (Trapeze & Silk)

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