From tight to light, from tired to inspired, from intensity to serenity, these are the transformations Kerin experiences since she started yoga. She hopes the same for those who practices with her. If you are new to yoga or think that you are not good enough, her warm and sincere personality will carry you a long way. Everyone who join her class is not a student, but a master of their mind, breath and body.

Kerin started attending yoga classes regularly in 2015. The changes she experienced whetted her appetite for more. That long stressful working hours certainly made it easier for her to take a big leap from 25-year corporate world to something more grounded. In May 2019, she completed her yoga teacher training. Since then she continues to practice and begin to teach yoga. Kerin took her first aerial yoga class out of curiosity and she fell in love immediately. She decided to broaden her aerial yoga practice and had completed her aerial teacher training. She is now ready. Ready to share this experience with everybody, everyone, anyone and anybody. Namaste.

  • Qualifications & Certifications
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 40-hour CET Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
  • 100-hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

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