Sarah aims to help all her students feel comfortable in their own yoga practice by helping them gain awareness of their own bodies and to realise how unique their bodies truly are through the expression of the various poses.

Through her training and as someone who has scoliosis and hypermobility, she has learnt how different everyone is anatomically and how every pose in yoga will be expressed uniquely with every individual.

Sarah first stumbled upon yoga when she was trying to find ways to deal with her back pain due to scoliosis. Soon, she fell in love with how yoga makes her feel. Eventually, she decided to take some time off and head over to Bali for her YTT to learn more and deepen her practice. As an English teacher to primary school children, her love for teaching eventually led her to being a yoga teacher too. Her teaching style is gentle and beginner friendly with a focus on anatomical cues.

To her, yoga is both a physical and mental workout, and she hopes to explore both sides playfully with her students in class. She strives to make yoga accessible to all students out there, especially to beginners who struggle with doing the postures the “right” way.

  • Qualifications & Certifications
  • 200 Hour Unified Yoga Teacher Training

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