Joise began her fitness journey with yoga classes in hopes to reduce lower back pain after her pregnancy. Stretching helps to reduce the pain she experienced and brought other benefits such as better strength and flexibility too. She favoured inversion variations of yoga and those sparked her curiosity to try aerial yoga.


Shortly after starting her fitness journey, Joise joined her first aerial yoga class, a new medium of yoga from the regular yoga mat. Initially, it was a tough sport to pick up but she thoroughly enjoys conquering challenges and pushing her limits. Through diligent and consistent practice during lessons, she found herself improving and her love for aerial yoga grew. She learnt about the importance of mind-body connections and building strength. Additionally, aerial yoga brought her a sense of freedom from ‘flying’ and it was an outlet for relieving her stress.


Aside from aerial yoga, Joise likes to spend her time doing HIIT and dumbbell workouts. She believes that building strength and flexibility will lay a strong foundation to help one excel in yoga. She aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and filling her body with nutritious foods, such as her favourite yogurt bowls.


Joise wishes to inspire her students to try things out of their comfort zone and strive for their goals. She hopes to create a safe space for others to learn and grow. One does not have to be great to start, but they have to start to be great. Take the first step to join her class and fly with her!

Qualifications & Certifications

> 100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Trapeze And Silk)