Aerial yoga gives her the ultimate thrill whenever she is off the ground, as though it is a magical form of happiness. Finding peace in challenging poses, she noticed many benefits in aerial yoga especially those that require immense focus. On top of that, it reminded her to watch even more care of her own bodily functions and food intake nutrition. This is a real treat to both her vitality and mental wellness.


In comparison to other sports and arts, Aerial Yoga has instantly lit up her inner fire. Jojo went ahead to pursue the Aerial Yoga teaching programme hoping to share the joy found with Aerial Yoga to the world.


For many years now, Jojo has always made time to practice and maintain yoga/stretch poses while using a laptop or reading a book! Luck or not, Covid 19 pandemic is a great time as it allowed her to revisit the old stretch routine and gave her ample space and time to achieve a hybrid work and stretch schedule.


When Singapore went into lockdown, Jojo even hosted weekly stretch sessions for colleagues via zoom. At one point, she started conducting daily morning stretch for a few too! One of her colleagues who was then in her third trimester had feedback that her stretch session may have added to smooth delivery. This definitely surprises Jojo till today!


With many sporty interests, she was once an assistant section leader of Campcrafts in one of her Co-curriculum activities (National Police Cadet Corps), holds 1st Dan black belt in Singapore Taekwondo Federation, wielded a 44 pound recurve bow in Archery, completed Outward Bound Singapore instructor course, and even tried a different kind of sports ranging from ball sports to boxing!


Most days, you will find her starting her day with a calisthenics workout at a fitness corner, practicing breathing techniques, training her abdominal for a richer sound when singing, sparking random ideas for game design and ending off by learning how to code at best. She also speaks A1 level of French too.

Qualifications & Certifications

> 100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Trapeze And Silk)