Joyce was 16 when she had her first yoga class. She enjoyed the practice but it was not consistent, as she used to march, run, swim and dance during school time instead. Unfortunately she stopped being active when she was attending university. After she started working, she found herself needing to get active again, so she picked up pole dancing and eventually restarted her yoga journey with the intention to improve her physical wellbeing about the same time in 2014.


Joyce ended up deciding to take up teacher training to further her practice. To her surprise, the teacher training has helped her tremendously not just physically but mentally too. After completing her 200 hours yoga teacher training, she continued on to take up 300 hours training. Naturally, after she completed her floor yoga teacher training, she took up aerial yoga teacher training. Joyce has now taught more than a thousand hours of class time.


After years of teaching, Joyce suffered from slipped disc due to negligence of rest and accumulative of minor injuries. This in turn has become a humbling experience and the journey to recovery equipped her with better knowledge in sustainable practice, especially when she has always had mild scoliosis. In the midst of her recovery, she went for acupuncture and has taken up Taiji since then to strengthen her overall wellbeing, now she has come back better and more mature.


The comfort Joyce gets from being active continues to be beneficial to other aspects of her life. She emphasises a lot on breathing and relaxing during her practice. She is hoping that she can bring the same focus and calming effects to her students in their busy and fast paced work life. Joyce is a humorous, friendly and caring teacher. She is approachable and do say hello when you see her in the studio, she will give you the biggest smile.

Qualifications & Certifications

> 200-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Movement Yoga Teacher Training

> 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Intermediate, Advanced Pranayama & Meditation, Yoga Sutra, Kids Yoga, Pre/Post Natal & Mummy Baby Yoga

> 70 Hour Wheel Yoga Teacher Training

> 50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (Trapeze & Silk)