Mei Ling

Since young, Meiling was never someone that is active. She started aerial yoga back in 2019 when she was looking for a workout to stay active and decided to try aerial yoga as an alternative to yoga. She then found a keen liking to the different approach aerial yoga gives – the additional support and challenges that the hammock and silk add to her workout. At the end of each class, she was amazed with the what she is capable of. With consistent practise, aerial yoga helps her to build the strength, endurance and flexibility which she was lacking.


Out of aerial yoga, she works in a role where she get the opportunities to work with people from different countries and that exposes her to different cultures and people from all walk of life. During her free time, she enjoys travelling and experiencing local cultures and foods.


Mei Ling believes that it is crucial to find the right workout that not only provide you with the adequate support but also challenge you to be a better version of yourself. She loves to share the joy she discovered in aerial yoga and hopes more people get to enjoy the benefit and fun from aerial yoga as much as she does.

Qualifications & Certifications

> 100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Trapeze And Silk)