Nicole’s aerial yoga journey began at Hale when her friend invited her to work out together with the goal of losing weight and shaping their body. From the moment Nicole experienced the sensation of being suspended in the air, she was immediately captivated by a sense of freedom and weightlessness that aerial yoga offered. It became clear to her that this practice would play a significant role in her life.


Aerial yoga introduced Nicole to a new world of movement, flexibility, and strength. It provided her with a unique opportunity to explore her body’s capabilities in ways she had never imagined before. The challenges presented by aerial yoga pushed Nicole to expand her boundaries and discover the joy of pushing her physical limits.


In addition to aerial yoga, Nicole also embraces the practices of aerial silks, pole dancing, and backbends. These activities showcase her passion for exploring a variety of movement modalities and continuously challenging herself both physically and artistically. Through silks, pole dancing, and backbends, Nicole finds avenues for self-expression, personal growth, and a deeper connection with her body. By incorporating these disciplines into her fitness routine, she not only expands her movement repertoire but also cultivates a well-rounded and fulfilling fitness journey.


Nicole firmly believes in the philosophy of “just do what you want to do, and time will tell you the results”.

Qualifications & Certifications

> 100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Trapeze And Silk)