Xuefang adopts an active lifestyle and loves dancing at an early age. She does street jazz, waacking, and hip hop since the age of 16. She also trained actively for various dance performances and competitions until she started her full-time job. In 2019, she discovered aerial yoga and was instantly hooked after her first class. She loves the physical challenge and creativity of aerial silks. She will like to spread her love for aerial yoga with others by becoming an instructor.


Coming from a dance background, Xuefang has an added advantage in body awareness, and was able to better emphasize proper alignment and injury prevention in her aerial training and classes.


She’s also a gym and food junkie! You can find her in the gym before/ after work most of the time. If not gymming, you can definitely find her munching out after exercising! She absolutely enjoys the endorphin released from eating and working out.

Qualifications & Certifications

> 100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Trapeze And Silk)