Zhi Xian

In his University days, Zhi Xian stumbled upon his first yoga follow-along video online, trying yoga for the first time. The experience led him to discover an unexpectedly therapeutic sense of calm and peace. Ever since, he has committed to a consistent practice, making yoga a part of his daily routine.


Before discovering the benefits of yoga, he often experienced stiffness and rigidity in the body. However, as he continued to practice yoga, the tightness in his muscles and joints started to diminish, increasing his flexibility over time. Yoga has also helped him with all round strength development, relieving the occasional pain or soreness arising from chronic muscular stress. Besides the physical effects, the practice of mindfulness in yoga has also helped him attain better clarity of mind and a sense of well-being which he believes is essential in life.


Several years in, Zhi Xian developed an interest in aerial yoga, a comparatively newer form of yoga. He found that the use of an aerial hammock greatly complemented his yoga practice. It allowed some poses to become more accessible to him, and at times, helped to achieve a deeper, more supported stretch. He realised that it also provides a variety of ways to be creative with traditional yoga poses, challenging one to fully utilise the hammock to complement and support one’s practice.


Having benefitted from his practice, Zhi Xian looks to share his experience and interest in aerial yoga with others, so that they too can reap the benefits. After practicing for a period of time consistently, he decided to undertake an aerial teacher training course which would allow him to do so.


Besides teaching yoga, Zhi Xian is also an academic tutor, mainly teaching secondary and JC-level physics as well as mathematics. He has a keen interest in the sciences as well as the arts and holds a Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore, majoring in physics. While in university, he picked up the Japanese language and thoroughly enjoyed studying it, spurring him on to take part and eventually win first place in the 2018 Japanese speech contest held in Singapore. Having a deep passion for music, he also enjoys practising the piano and the violin during his free time.

Qualifications & Certifications

> 100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Trapeze And Silk)

> 70-Hour Wheel Yoga Teacher Training